Homeowner’s Guide To No Mow May 2024

Unleashing Nature’s Potential with No Mow May 2024

This year, the global call to participate in No Mow May continues to gather momentum, inviting everyone to shelve their lawnmowers and let their grass luxuriate in unrestricted growth throughout May.

Much more than a break from garden chores, this campaign champions biodiversity, aids pivotal pollinators and makes environmental preservation an achievable reality.

Surrey Landscapers invites you to make an ecological difference by partaking in No Mow May 2024. If you think you may struggle to leave all of your grassed area, why not consider leaving a part of your lawn free to grow – every little helps!

What Are The Benefits Of No Mow May?

If you’re always looking for ways to contribute to environmental preservation while cutting back on gardening chores, then it’s time to embrace the global campaign known as No Mow May.

This initiative encourages garden enthusiasts and homeowners worldwide to put their mowers away and let their grass grow freely throughout May.

Taking part in No Mow May is more than a passive gesture – it is an active investment in the health of our planet.

Letting your grass grow for 31 days yields remarkable results, impacting not just your garden’s ecosystem but also the broader environmental landscape.

Boosting Biodiversity

By letting your lawn run wild in May, you gift local wildlife with essential habitats.

Wildflowers, usually doomed by the mower, are granted the chance to blossom, presenting indispensable nectar sources for bees, butterflies, and other pollinating insects.

This growth spurt significantly uplifts local biodiversity, sparking a chain of benefits for birds, hedgehogs, and other wildlife, and boosting our environment’s overall health.

Supporting Pollinators

Abstaining from mowing your lawn, or even reducing mowing frequency, directly bolsters the survival and prosperity of vital pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Longer grass permits a broader range of flowers and plants to bloom, attracting diverse insects and creatures to our green spaces. These pollinators heavily rely on the nectar your flourishing garden provides, making them essential cogs in our ecosystem.

Lowering Emissions and Pollution

Especially when using petrol-driven lawnmowers, which contribute notably to annual carbon emissions and vast noise pollution, cutting the grass can be quite damaging to the surrounding environment in terms of pollution.

By joining No Mow May, where the grass isn’t cut for an entire month, you actively reduce air pollution and create a quieter, serener neighbourhood.

What appears to be a simple action can have profound implications for our planet’s health and the tranquillity of your living space – something your neighbours can thank you for!

Water Conservation

Furthermore, regular and rigorous mowing of grass triggers increased watering to retain lawn health.

Minimising mowing frequency reduces your lawn’s water demands, conserving a vital resource and reducing water bills.

No Mow May 2024 is an opportune moment for conserving water, especially as water scarcity looms large right now and is going to continue to do so.

Building a Healthier Lawn

An under-recognised benefit of No Mow May rests in encouraging a healthier, more resilient lawn.

Grass allowed to grow longer develops deeper roots, essential for surviving droughts and deterring pests. This organic approach fosters a robust subterranean ecosystem that eventually gives your lawn a lusher, greener look.

The key to enjoying healthier grass for the rest of the season and environmental benefits lies in not mowing in May.

Saving Time and Money

Beyond environmental gains, No Mow May saves you time and money spent on lawn maintenance.

Hours usually spent on mowing, trimming, and tidying can be repurposed or used to enjoy the burgeoning wildlife in your garden. You will also save on fuel and potential maintenance costs for your garden equipment.

Why You Shouldn’t Cut Your Grass In May

Armed with these facts, the question isn’t why shouldn’t you mow your lawn in May, but why should you?

Suspended lawn maintenance in May is deeply rooted in environmental preservation. Think about the wide-ranging environmental and personal gains that can come from this month.

By letting your grass grow, you’re playing an active role in environmental preservation and enjoying the beauty of a nature-filled garden.

In May, gardens worldwide transform into sanctuaries for wildlife, fostering biodiversity and ecological health by letting the grass grow undisturbed.

Who Started No Mow May?

Plantlife, a UK-based conservation charity committed to protecting and celebrating wildflowers, plants, and fungi, kick-started No Mow May.

Their objective was to foster nationwide adherence to wildlife-friendly gardening practices.

The movement has since morphed into a global call to action, with countless participants enjoying the benefits of a less-manicured lawn care approach.

What Happens In June After No Mow May?

After a month of letting your lawn go wild, you’re bound to notice the lush transformation that has taken place and come June, your wild May garden may require some taming.

Your lawn, once a uniform green, will now be a riot of colours with a variety of flowers and plants, each contributing to the survival of local fauna.

We understand if you’re looking forward to reclaiming your manicured garden come June. The good news is – it’s entirely possible.

Gradual management is recommended post-No Mow May A staged approach to mowing can prevent shocking the grass and wildlife that have called your garden home.

This method also lets you consider areas that could remain a bit wilder long-term, ensuring your May efforts continue to bear fruit.

How To Get Involved With No Mow May 2024

Participating in No Mow May is as simple as resisting the urge to mow your lawn throughout May.

Use this time to observe and appreciate the natural growth and wildlife that find a home in your garden. Embrace the tranquillity and beauty of a more natural and thoughtful gardening approach.

Surrey Landscapers’ Eco-Promise

Though we prioritise delivering first-rate landscaping services at Surrey Landscapers, we have an unwavering commitment to environmental preservation and enhancing our community’s green spaces.

Our participation in No Mow May aligns with our commitment to sustainable practices and biodiversity. Take a look at this project where we created an area for our customer to develop as a wildflower garden.



No Mow May is more than a monthly commitment – it’s an invitation to review our relationship with our gardens and the wider environment.

This May, store away your lawnmower, let nature reclaim your garden, and emerge as a custodian of environmental preservation.

Eager to participate in No Mow May 2024? All it takes is the will to resist mowing your lawn and a desire to appreciate nature’s growth and beauty.

And when it’s time to bring some order to your wild, June garden, Surrey Landscapers will be ready to assist with our landscaping and garden design services.

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