Landscaping Costs In The UK In 2024

A Comprehensive Guide By Surrey Landscapers

As we move through what is set to be a year of open-air living and more time spent outdoors, many homeowners across the UK are considering landscaping costs.

More people are spending time in the UK than ever before, with a majority of our days spent in our homes and gardens. This means if your space needs to be better, you will want to make changes before the summer season fully takes hold.

There are many ways that landscaping services can help improve your garden and outdoor living conditions, but each of them comes at a price. Estimating how much a landscaping project in the UK in 2024 is going to cost can be a daunting task, which is why we are here to help.

At Surrey Landscapers, we operate with transparent pricing and offer quotes to all our landscaping customers to make the process easier. In this guide, we are going to explain how landscaping costs in the UK work and what can influence the total price of a project in 2024.

Understanding Landscaping: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Before we can dive into the individual costs and the total price for landscaping services that you can expect across the UK in 2024, we first need to answer the question of what is landscaping.

While this is a popular service and one offered by many companies like Surrey Landscapers, many homeowners may still be unsure of its true definition and are therefore missing out on some amazing professional help.

Landscaping is an umbrella term for the creative process of tailoring an outdoor space, such as your garden, to suit a new ideal, design or requirement. It involves a range of manual and creative services that are performed to change not only the appearance of your landscape but also its functionality and health.

Best performed by experienced professionals, landscaping can cover a wide range of needs and covers a whole wealth of services. From simple lawn maintenance to a total garden redesign, complete with decking installation and garden feature creation, landscaping is a way to improve outdoor spaces to suit your needs.

At Surrey Landscapers, we offer a range of landscaping services from garden design to lawn care to help our clients get the outdoor space of their dreams. Our landscaping professionals not only bring qualified skills but also many years of experience to all projects to offer the highest standards of work.

As there is a lot involved with landscaping, it can be quite difficult to determine the total costs for this work in 2024 and it will vary based on your requirements, as well as other factors.

Landscaping Costs in the UK for 2024

Determining the total costs of landscaping in the UK for 2024 can be difficult because it relies on so many differing factors. The costs of landscaping work are going to fluctuate significantly based on factors such as the work you want done, as well as your location, the landscaping company you work with, the complexity of the project and the materials required for it.

As all of these factors are different for each customer and each landscaping project, outlining one definitive figure is not possible. However, it is possible to give some kind of oversight into the average cost of landscaping in the UK, based on the most common services and a medium price nationwide.

With this in mind, a fundamental landscaping makeover in the UK will cost from £5,000 but can rise to £20,000 or more, based on the current market rates. To determine a more accurate estimate, factors such as your location and the kind of landscaping service required – as well as the others mentioned – will need to be included.

This is why it is highly recommended for you to speak with local landscaping companies and get quotes from several to determine the best option for you.

Factors Influencing Landscaping Costs

While we have already mentioned some of the factors that influence the total cost of landscaping in the UK in 2024, let’s dive deeper so you can get a better understanding of what to expect when getting landscape work done.

Some of the biggest factors to consider when it comes to determining landscaping costs in the UK this year include your location, as there are regional averages, as well as the size of your garden. Similarly, the complexity of garden design or landscaping work, as well as the material required for this will contribute to the total cost.

Most landscaping companies will offer an insight into how they operate and what will influence their costs, such as the material supplier they use and whether you can provide your own. For a better insight into the total landscaping costs in the UK in 2024, you should speak with local landscaping companies who have a good portfolio.

They can provide more accurate insights based on your location and the kind of work you want to do, as well as provide advice regarding payment plans or other forms of support that can make the work more accessible.

Hiring a Professional Landscaping Company

As all landscaping costs in the UK in 2024 are subject to fluctuation, it is a good idea for you to speak with local landscaping companies about the work you want to do.

Most landscaping companies will offer quotes for their services, most at no additional cost or commitment. It is recommended that you get several quotes from the top landscaping companies in your area so you can work out an average and see where the best deals are.

When trying to find the best deal for landscaping, do not compromise the quality of work and standards of safety. Surrey Landscapers is a leading landscaping company in the region, and we deliver not only quality work but also transparency with our costs so you can keep on track throughout the process.

In a bid to save money, some people may consider performing DIY. While this can be useful for some tasks in the garden, a total landscaping job is not suitable for DIY and should not be attempted. Hiring a professional landscaping company, like us, is your best option if you want to experience high-quality results.

Our team of certified landscapers are highly experienced and can provide a range of services that simply cannot be considered when doing it yourself.

When selecting a landscaping company to hire, it is a good idea to not only look at their costs but also their previous projects and any reviews available. This gives you a better idea of their quality of work, whether they can handle your requirements, and if they are a company to be trusted.

All of this contributes to making landscaping services a better deal, as this is an investment you are making for your home.

Cutting Costs With Material Choices

While it can be difficult to cut costs with the physical work of landscaping, you may be able to save money by considering the materials available to you.

As we have mentioned, most landscaping companies will work with their own suppliers of materials as this ensures the best results for their clients. However, within this, there are going to be options which you can consider to cut costs and reduce the total price for landscaping in the UK in 2024.

The type of materials used for landscaping work plays a significant role in determining the total cost and clients can choose alternatives if the landscaping company offers them. At Surrey Landscapers, we offer a broad range of material choices to allow for the customisation of our services as well as input from our clients.

For example, instead of choosing natural stone for your paving or patios, consider using concrete slabs which can have a similar appearance but cost considerably less as the material is easier to obtain.

Our experts can work with you to discuss material choices and help you find the best options for your garden and budget.


Planning your garden upgrade for 2024 can be a complicated process because of the fluctuating costs associated with it. Landscaping costs in the UK in 2024 are subject to change and will be different based on the company you work with, as well as your location and the kind of services required.

However, it is possible to gain better insight into total landscaping costs if you’re planning a project this year.

Speaking to local companies, such as Surrey Landscapers, and requesting quotes can give you the clearer insight you need regarding the total cost and allow you to make the best decisions for your budget.

The cost of these services reflects the fact that qualified specialists perform landscaping, as this is the best way to get lasting results. Making this investment into your home will be worth it. It is recommended that customers not compromise on quality in a bid to save money, and instead speak to landscapers to see how costs can be cut – such as through material choices.

Renovating your garden can provide you with years of enjoyment and allow you to expand your living space, so it should be done well.

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