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Surrey Landscapers is a leading provider of garden design solutions in Oxshott and the surrounding areas. Our highly skilled landscape designers will work closely with you to create an innovative and bespoke garden design that is specifically tailored to your environment, while also meeting your desires.

At Surrey Landscapers, we provide a comprehensive garden design Oxshott service and can guarantee impressive results to all our clients across the area. With 0over four decades of experience, our team can provide a fully customised garden design service and cater to a wide range of needs. From simple planting refreshes to complete garden renovations, our garden design team can provide a unique solution for your specific landscape.

Established in 1980, our team at Surrey Landscapers has been working relentlessly to transform outdoor spaces across Oxshott and the surrounding areas into breathtaking landscapes and functional gardens. We bring an unmatched level of professionalism and dedication to customer service to everything we do, which is why we have an excellent reputation for garden design Oxshott.

Bespoke Garden Design Oxshott

For our team at Surrey Landscapers, garden design is much more than an aesthetic enterprise, as it is a functional transformation too. Our designers will work with you throughout the design process to understand not just your personal style and design preferences, but also your lifestyle to craft a truly unique garden that you can enjoy through all seasons.

From choosing the right plants for your location to designing bespoke outdoor dining or entertainment areas, our professional team can accommodate your every need with our garden design Oxshott service. Our service is based on creating custom designs for our clients, taking into account their specifications as well as the needs of their property to develop a stunning outdoor environment that surpasses your expectations.

Our unique garden designs are constructed with you in mind and brought to life by our expert landscape gardeners. Through a collaborative effort, our garden designers and landscape gardeners will bring your vision for your garden to life, incorporating personal touches and functional features to make the environment distinctively yours.

With our decades of experience in garden design Oxshott, we have a profound understanding of the local environment and optimise this knowledge to design gardens that thrive all year round.

Innovative Garden Features

Our garden designers offer a leading service in Oxshott, relying on their decades of experience and professional skills to deliver results that last. With over four decades of experience in the region, our designers are on the cutting edge of garden design in Oxshott and have a comprehensive understanding of the process. This allows us to deliver functional and aesthetically pleasing results to all our clients across the region.

At Surrey Landscapers, we value innovation, which is why we combine our history of garden design experience with current design trends and cutting-edge features. This unique combination of skills and experience allows us to create a truly bespoke garden design that reflects your vision, needs and environmental requirements.

From outdoor lighting to paving installation, our team covers every aspect of garden design to provide a comprehensive solution in Oxshott. We strive to create beautiful outdoor spaces that remain safe and accessible throughout the year to extend your living environment with a garden design you can take pride in.

Garden Lighting Design Oxshott

Our garden design Oxshott service provides an all-encompassing solution for your outdoor environment, handling everything from large construction to minute details. Our expert garden designers cover all details in their plans for a complete renovation of your outdoor space.

Garden lighting is a key feature in any successful garden design as it perfectly encapsulates aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Not only is outdoor lighting paramount for safety, as it illuminates pathways and garden features for enhanced accessibility but it is also the primary tool for outdoor ambiance. With our experience and professional skills, our garden design team will develop a bespoke outdoor lighting plan for your garden to set the right tone.

From a welcoming ambience for outdoor dining to twinkly lights or colourful beams for entertaining areas, our skilled designers will work with you to develop a garden you can enjoy day or night.

Fencing Design And Installation

Fencing is a crucial component in any successful garden design and is covered by our comprehensive service in Oxshott. Fencing is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space that enhances privacy and seclusion by providing a barrier.

At Surrey Landscapers, we offer a vast range of fencing solutions to suit any outdoor environment. From traditional timber panels for privacy to decorative frames for additional appeal, our expert garden design Oxshott team will find the right solution for you.

No matter your choice, all installations are performed by our qualified team to ensure durable fencing that withstands the seasons for lasting protection.

Our Experienced Garden Design Team

Surrey Landscapers is a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience in garden design in Oxshott and the surrounding areas. Our highly experienced and professional team offers a range of garden design and landscaping solutions to bring your vision to life.

With our extensive experience and professional skills, we guide you through the garden design process, helping you make the best choices for your landscape. From the initial design consultation to the final maintenance, our team remains on hand to bring your vision to life and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Our garden designs are developed by professionals and created in collaboration with our clients to ensure bespoke results that meet all requirements. Working with such a committed and experienced team ensures a completed landscape that surpasses your expectations and provides pleasure for years to come.

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