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Expert Garden Design Epsom By Surrey Landscapers

Surrey Landscapers is a leading provider of garden design solutions in Epsom and the surrounding areas. Our highly skilled landscape designers will work closely with you to create an innovative and bespoke garden design that is specifically tailored to your environment and personal requirements.

With our decades of experience, Surrey Landscapers provides a comprehensive garden design service in Epsom that can guarantee lasting results. We can cater to a range of needs with our garden design service, from small planting refreshes to complete garden renovations. Working with our professional garden design team ensures a unique solution for your landscape in Epsom.

Since our founding in 1980, our team has been working to transform outdoor spaces across Epsom and the surrounding areas into stunning landscapes and functional gardens. Over our 40 years of experience in landscaping and garden design, we have become a leading name in Epsom.

Bespoke Garden Design Epsom

For our team at Surrey Landscapers, garden design is more than an aesthetic transformation but a functional one too. Our designers will work closely with you to determine not only your personal style and design preferences but also your lifestyle so we can create a truly unique garden for your Epsom home that meets all requirements.

From finding the right plants for your location to designing bespoke outdoor dining or entertainment hubs, our professional team can work with all requirements. All of our designs are bespoke and uniquely crafted with your specifications in mind, allowing us to develop a stunning outdoor environment that meets your every need.

Our landscape gardeners work alongside our designers, using the bespoke garden design for your home in Epsom to construct a tailor-made outdoor space, complete with personal touches and functional features that make it uniquely yours.

With our decades of experience in garden design Epsom, we have a great understanding of the surrounding environment and rely on this to develop gardens that thrive in all seasons.

Innovative Garden Features

Our garden designers offer a leading service in Epsom due to their experience and professional skills. With over four decades of experience in the region, our designers have a deep understanding of the process as well as the unique requirements of Epsom landscapes. This experience and local knowledge allow us to provide functional and beautiful results for our clients across the region.

At Surrey Landscapers, we take innovation seriously which is why we regularly incorporate garden design trends and the latest features into all our projects in Epsom. These, combined with your unique vision, allow us to create a stunningly bespoke garden design for our clients, seamlessly combining aesthetic appeal with functionality.

Our designs cover all aspects of the garden, from outdoor lighting to paving installation, to provide a complete solution. We work with you to create a beautiful garden in Epsom that continues to be safe and accessible throughout the year, expanding your living space with an exterior transformation you can be proud of.

Outdoor Lighting Design Epsom

Our garden design service in Epsom provides a complete solution for your outdoor environment, handling everything from the large construction to minute details like outdoor lighting.  Outdoor lighting is a key element to any successful garden design, as it perfectly encapsulates both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Garden lighting is not just an essential tool for safety in the garden, as it provides illumination to pathways and garden features for increased accessibility, but also for ambience. Our skilled designers will use a range of garden lighting features to create an inviting and engaging landscape that you can enjoy day or night.

Lighting is the cornerstone of ambience and there are various ways that it can be used in the garden to influence the mood. From warm, welcoming tones for al fresco dining to colourful beams or twinkle lights for entertaining areas, outdoor lighting is essential in garden design.

Our expert team have a range of options to help you create the perfect outdoor setting in Epsom.

Fencing Design And Installation

Fencing is another essential feature in any successful garden design and is covered by our comprehensive service in Epsom.

Fencing not only creates a secure barrier around your garden, keeping it private and secluded but can also be a visually appealing addition to any outdoor space.

At Surrey Landscapers, we provide an extensive range of fencing solutions to suit any outdoor environment in Epsom. From traditional timber panels for privacy to decorative frames for additional flair, our expert garden design team will help find the right solution for you.

We will guide you through our options, relying on our expertise in design, to find the right fit for your taste and landscape. Our fencing selection includes close-board, lap panel, and featheredge fences to suit all requirements and provide the perfect addition to any landscape.

No matter what you choose, all installations are performed by our qualified team to ensure fencing that will endure the seasons and create a lasting barrier to your garden.

Our Experienced Garden Design Team

Surrey Landscapers is a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience in garden design in Epsom and the surrounding areas.

Our incredibly experienced and professional team offer a range of garden design and landscaping solutions to help bring your vision to life.  Our bespoke garden design services can be tailored to suit your specifications.

Our dedicated garden design team has a diverse background, with each member offering a unique experience and professional skills to support our comprehensive service. With a diverse background in horticulture, landscaping, and construction our garden designers can meet all requirements for local environments and transform your outdoor space into something you love.

With our experience and professional skills, we can guide you through the garden design process and help you make the best choices for your landscape.

We offer a complete garden design solution, taking you from initial idea development to a completed landscape in Epsom, so you can have a garden you love for years to come.

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